What are Cookies?
Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer when you visit web pages. They contain information, linked to a web browser and the specific website. Cookies consist of two components: the name and the content. They are stored in a specific folder on your hard drive and provided with a unique ID and maturity.


Cookies can be subdivided according to their origin, their function and their life span.

First-party cookies are cookies that are placed by a website that is visited at that moment by a user (e.g. cookies placed by

Third-party cookies are cookies that are placed by a domain name other than that of the website that is visited by the user. If a user visits a website and a third-party places a cookie via that website, then this is a third-party cookie (e.g. cookies placed by Google, Twitter and Facebook).

Functional cookies are cookies that ensure that the website functions properly (e.g. cookies for log-in or registration, language preferences, shopping cart). Logically, functional cookies are first-party cookies.

Non-functional cookies are cookies that can be placed for statistical, social, targeting and commercial purposes. They have nothing to do with merely technical support of the website. Cookies with statistical purposes allow to check which pages of the website you visit, where your computer is localised etc.  Cookies with social purposes make it possible for the user to directly share the content of the visited website with others through social media. Cookies with targeting purposes allow that a profile is built based on your surfing behaviour so that the advertisements displayed are tailored to your interests. Cookies with commercial purposes keep track how many and which advertisements are shown to a user. Non-functional cookies can be first-party or third-party cookies.

Permanent cookies: These cookies remain on the device of the user for the duration determined within the cookie. They are activated every time the user visits the website that has placed this cookie (e.g. cookies placed by social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics etc.). Most non-functional cookies are permanent cookies.

Session cookies: These cookies allow to simplify and link the actions of a user during a browser session. A browser sessions starts when a user opens the browser window and ends when they close the browser window. Session cookies are placed temporarily.  As soon as you close the browser, all session cookies are removed. Most functional cookies are session cookies.


Name cookie

Type cookie (functional, non-functional)

Retention period

Data that are collected and purposes



During session

Standard PHP session cookie


Non-functional (tracking)

26 months

Google Analytics: recognises user. Keeps simple and depersonalised data concerning your visit.


Non-functional (tracking)

24 hours

Google Analytics: recognises user. Keeps simple and depersonalised data concerning your visit.


Non-functional (tracking)

during session

Google Analytics: recognises user. Keeps simple and depersonalised data concerning your visit.




Recognises the language of the user.


You can at any time through the settings of your browser (usually under “Help” or “Internet options”) deactivate all installed cookies or remove them from your computer or mobile device. Each type of browser has its own settings to manage cookies.

If you wish to remove cookies, we refer to the instructions included in your web browser
Internet Explorer :
Firefox :
Safari :

If you deactivate cookies, you should be aware that certain graphical designs possibly will not be displayed correctly or that you will have no access to certain parts of the website.

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