Artori waterverzachter voor Pollet Water Group

Water softener

client: Pollet Water Group

For the launch of a new brand within water treatment, Pollet Water Group contacted us to take on the design study and full engineering.

Step 1: material and technological advice

The client knows the ins and outs of his market and knows perfectly which sales of a certain type of water softener can be expected. This input is crucial to us to select the technology.

Step 2: Design

 Within the chosen technology – taking into account the preferences of style of the target market – design propositions were prepared.

Step 3: engineering

Artori technically developed the designs into plans ready for production.

Step 4: Production

 Where necessary, we support the production partners of Pollet Water Group or, together with them, we search new, more suitable partners. We guide Pollet Water Group with the evaluation of the FOTs and the assembly.

Artori waterverzachter pollet
Artori waterverzachter pollet detail
Artori waterverzachter pollet